Stock Photography

Stock Photo Pricing, Licensing Rights, Image Delivery & Comps

Stock photography prices are based on various licensing factors such as the type of usage, the number to be printed, the level of exclusivity, and the uniqueness of the image, etc. Each stock photo usage must be quoted individually and precisely according to your specific image licensing rights required for your projects.


A reproduction fee must be agreed upon by both parties before pictures are used in any context. The use of stock photos is so varied and complicated that it is impossible to supply a comprehensive "price list." The stock photo price depends on the exact details of the context of use and of the rights required. The price of a stock image is not based solely upon the picture but based upon how you will be using it, called the licensing rights granted.

In order to quote you a fair price, we need to know exactly how the picture will be used. If your photo usage is complicated, please use our Stock Photo Quote Form, otherwise, you can find a price by using online quote system. Once you make a selection via Lightbox or Cart, just follow "Commercial Use" link under "Downloads" tab of each image. You can find out a licensing fee by setting your picture usage rights and terms from pull-down menus.


Licensing Rights:

When an image is purchased for use we will issue an invoice stating the specific rights that are granted. Listed below are various licensing rights that affect the pricing.

Print Run Print run is the number of items printed for products such as posters, post cards, books, brochures, etc. The print run will have a direct effect on the pricing. The larger the print run the more the image will cost.
Circulation This usually applies to magazines and newspapers and will have a direct effect on the pricing. The larger the circulation, the more the image will cost.
Size of Use The larger the image is used, the more it will cost. Usually this is quoted per page size, for example, full page, half page, quarter page, spot size, etc. It also depends on the size of the product. For example an 8"x12" poster would cost less than a 30"x40" poster if they both had the same print run.
Placement of Picture Placing a picture on the cover will always cost more than placing it in the interior.
Distribution Worldwide distribution will cost more than U.S. only distribution. Distribution in school libraries within the U.S. would cost less than U.S. distribution.
Exclusive Rights Exclusivity is an important pricing factor. An exclusive use of a picture will always cost substantially more. There are different types of exclusive uses. For example, you may want exclusive rights within the television industry or exclusive rights for a calendar cover for the upcoming year. Most clients can not afford total exclusivity on a picture and would opt for exclusivity within their field of use, in other words, a limited exclusive use. If you do not want another postcard on the market with the same picture as the one you selected, you can obtain limited exclusive rights.
One Time, Non-exclusive Rights This is what most clients purchase. It is the non-exclusive right to use the picture for this one time. That means this image could be sold to other clients for the same use or for other uses. However, the price for these rights costs far less than exclusive rights, and the conflicts are very rare.
Period of Use Many clients want to purchase a picture for a specific period of use. For example, a client wants to use an image on a postcard and purchases the exclusive use of that image on postcards only for a period of three years. Another example would be a client who wants to use a picture in a press kit and will only be distributing that press kit from April to June of that year.
Languages Licensing a picture for all languages will cost more than just for the English language. For example, if you purchase one language then need to print your book in another language, the cost is an additional 25% of the original price. After you have purchased four different languages (25% x 4 = 100%) you will have purchased the rights to all languages. A general rule of thumb is that all languages will cost double what one language will cost.
Unlimited Use Sometimes it is more economical to ask for unlimited use of an image for a period of time. For example, if you have many different uses during a one month period you might get a lower quote asking for unlimited use for that period rather than negotiating each use separately.


Image Delivery:

When you use our online stock photo quote system and purchase an image licensing rights subsequently online, the high resolution file for the licensed image will be immediately available for you to downloads. Otherwise, we will make the high resolution files of your selected pictures available for you to download on demand once we reach an agreement on usage rights, fees and payment terms. In either way, you can download high resolution files as soon as you place your order with us. High Resolution File Specification:

Pixel Dimensions* 5400 pixel wide - 7200 pixel wide or larger
File Format** 8 bit RGB JPEG Adobe RGB (1998) Color Profile
File Size*** 56-120 MB (Uncompressed), 1-18 MB (Compressed)

* We can resize our pictures to any size that you wish for your projects for free of charge. We use the latest, most sophisticated resampling methods, techniques, tools and software, so don't hesitate to ask us for a custom size. FYI, 5400 pixel-wide picture can be optimally reproduced to 24 inch (45 cm) wide at 300 dpi.

** Immediately after downloading our high resolution files, we recommend you save the file as TIFF to prevent any loss in quality. You should never re-save JPEG files. TIFF files are available only upon request since they are not practical for speedy digital transmission. TIFF files will not render visibly better reproduction quality in press printed material. Please note that we do not offer CMYK images.

*** The final file size can vary depending on the dimensions of the picture. Compressed file size can differ greatly from one file to the other depending on the image characteristics. Typically, the more colorful the picture is, the larger the compressed file size is. Our digital files are optimized at the uncompressed stage, so it would be pointless for you to check & compare the compressed file sizes.


Comprehensive Layouts - "Comps":

You may download watermarked 500 pixel wide images for any of pictures you see on our web site, to be used in your Comprehensive Layouts, known as "Comps". After use, if you decide not to license the picture, please make sure that you delete the image files from your computers to avoid any copyright infringement. Please note that all pictures on this web site are copyrighted. Reproduction rights are strictly managed by us and by the photographers. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these pictures for any other purpose, or for artistic reference for another photograph, painting, drawing, or illustration without obtaining a license to do so. Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions for more detailed information.